training details

training details

Re-Creating The Circle Of Wellbeing

Re-Creating The Circle Of Wellbeing is © copyright We Al-li 2011 – 2020

This training emphasises the traditional approach of the talking/healing circle. It provides experiences in circle work as participants walk the collective circle of knowledge between past and present, personal beliefs and practices and their effects on our environments, social, cultural and family relationships.

This training promotes knowledge as useful action in the creation and dreaming of our future. This brings reciprocal responsibility for self and others in our relationships with families and communities.

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About the artwork:

This painting shows people sitting around talking, creating a safe area with hands of support on the outside, typical of an elders or listening circle. This ‘safe’ area or circle, allows participants to experience a deeper understanding of the interconnection between spirituality, environment, emotions, physical body, sexuality, stress and life purpose for wellbeing.

© Artwork and narration by © Christopher Edwards- Haines