training details

training details

Men and Women’s Healing Circle

Men and Women’s Healing Circle is © Copyright We Al-li 2011-2020

This workshop is a celebration by women and by men, separately and together – providing an Indigenous cultural context for exploring men’s and women’s issues. This is achieved through a blend of old and new practices and beliefs to understand the construction of masculinity and femininity in contemporary society and provide strategies for men’s and women’s well-being as a holistic mind body emotions spirit balance.

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About the artwork:

As with Women’s Business, this painting titled Men’s Healing and Recovery, explores the classical and contemporary roles of Indigenous men in the family, society and lore (everything is done through a structure). It also symbolises men’s sexuality, masculinity and knowledge. There is also a woman within the painting that represents that women are also a part of men’s business in some forms within or in the preparation or completion.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines