training details

training details

It’s my life! Working with Adolescents

It’s my life! Working with Adolescents is © Copyright We Al-li 2011-2020

This unit skills people to work within Indigenous communities with adolescents at risk. The unit is designed to introduce participants to basic theories, skills and tools needed to address issues of suicide and other at risk behaviours through positive approaches to adolescent identity and well-being.

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About the artwork:

As an adolescent you are in that hazy area of being ‘not quite a child and not quite an adult’. This painting is about adolescents trying to work out their place in the world and which direction to take. The adolescent boy and girl in the centre with a ‘foot in each side’ is representative of the confusion they feel and making good and bad choices and learning from these choices. This painting illustrates the awkward place this age is in and the grey areas where they exist. Black and White areas portray ‘no longer a child and not yet accepted as a adult’, confused about their sexuality, good and bad choices, knowledge, change in both mind-body-spirit. The tumbling weeds characterize the traumas of this change complementary to them and leading them into adult life.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines