training details

training details

Dadirri: Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Traditions

Dadirri. Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Traditions © copyright We Al-li 2011 – 2021

Registrations forms for the following workshops:

26th – 27th April 2022. Invercauld House, Lismore NSW.

15th-16th Feb 22 (postponed from 10th-11th November) – Invercauld House, Lismore NSW.

This training introduces Dadirri as the core of all We Al-li practices and skill based learning outcomes. Dadirri provides the foundation for culturally safe practices and establishes a respectful healing environment for skills transference in all We Al-li professional development trainings. Learning to communicate with ourselves and each other at deep levels is primary to effective practice. Participants are introduced to many key therapeutic approaches used by We Al-li including story mapping, sand-play, music, art therapy, movement and guided imagery.

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About the artwork:

Dadirri represents ‘our people’. We are standing in the middle of the forest and despite everything being upturned, underneath we still have strong roots and the power to be re-born, our relatedness and connectedness to the world. The Black Boy, just like the tree, is not only resilient to the flames but relies on the bush fires for its regrowth and survival. The fire is symbolic of our need to regenerate ourselves. As a people, we need and have been through hardships to identify and find our real strengths.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines