training overview

training overview


We Al-li provides Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach (CITIHA) training to Community and Organisations It presents on informed Indigenous and non-Indigenous practices from which new theories are presently evolving. Our education and training packages move beyond the mental health services delivery model and into a socio-cultural model of health which skills and empowers workers for personal and community developmental approaches for individual and group wellbeing.


Holistic Approach

Under western definitions our approach is cross-disciplinary, under Indigenous definitions our approach is holistic. We Al-li has blended both Indigenous and non-Indigenous forms of group counselling, emotional release work, process group work and reflective learning practices within a training syllabus for multi-skilling community workers in the trauma recovery field.

Through fire back into the water

Moving through fire back into the water. All We Al-li workshops and trauma recovery healing programs meet the high priority needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities today. Our workshops address domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood trauma, suicide, self injury and addictions within a culturally safe and trauma informed practice.

Highly skilled facilitators

Our facilitators have years of experience in the field and hold post-graduate university degrees. They are community minded people that have done the work on themselves and continue to personally and professionally develop at every opportunity.

Skills that build awareness

All participants of training will gain a high level awareness of historical trauma, trauma informed practice and care, cultural safety principles and practice, community communication and relationship building tools, and self care strategies across all units.

Focusing towards wellbeing

We promote a curiosity about the breadth, depth and diversity of ways in which human beings can access resources for healthy relationships, vitality and meaning. We believe the search for wellbeing need not be a struggle against adversity, but rather a life long process of seeking and sustaining wholeness.

Educational packages

We Al-li’s core personnel have helped define trauma recovery work in Australia. Our educational units have been developed from university pre and post graduate courses. They benefit from an evolving theoretical database of research and practical application that spans over three decades. This has allowed We Al-li to stay current both academically and in practice.