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Trauma Trails & Box Set of Healing Cards. Save $20.50 with this Christmas Bundle!



This Christmas Special includes a copy of Trauma Trails (normally $27.50), and a Box Set of Healing Cards (normally $80). Save $20.50 with this Christmas Bundle!

Trauma Trails

by Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson AM

The Transgenerational Effects of Trauma in Indigenous Australia Book by Judy Atkinson

Providing a startling answer to the questions of how to solve the problems of generational trauma, Trauma Trails moves beyond the rhetoric of victimhood, and provides inspiration for anyone concerned about Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities today.

Beginning with issues of colonial dispossession, Judy Atkinson also sensitively deals with trauma caused by abuse, alcoholism, and drug dependency. Sharing their stories, contributors also demonstrate the Aboriginal gift to the nation – Dadirri: listening to one another, and the way in which it provides a way forward.

By inviting Non-Indigenous people to sit with them in the circle, sharing stories, listening to and learning from each other, song lines emerge of a courageous journey, pointing us in the direction of change and healing.

Judy Atkinson is of Jiman and Bundjalung descent as well as having Celtic-German heritage, and is an Emeritus Professor at Southern Cross University, where she was Head of Gnibi College. She has worked within areas of Aboriginal community health and welfare for many years.

Box Set of Healing Cards

Contains 14 beautifully illustrated A5 sized cards and an accompanying 90 page booklet explaining not only the artist’s meaning for each painting, but also the use of these cards in practice and life.

These cards are the artwork of Christopher Edwards-Haines. They reflect his journey and life purpose, and combine with the powerful words of Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson AM to provide the opportunity for you too, to re-evaluate your life. They provide processes and help to consider, reflect on and if appropriate, take action on life circumstances you wish to change or enrich.

Accompanying the cards are over 90 pages of text that provide you with the means to reflect on your life, your values, to identify the trauma that you and your family and community has experienced, and how to confront and identify a path forward from the trauma vortex that so many feel trapped in.

Based on the life’s work of Judy Atkinson, each card and accompanying chapter outlines the work conducted in We Al-li’s culturally and trauma informed workshops.

They illustrate a journey anyone can take in contemplation of a life journey and recovery from childhood trauma. They are our gift to support others to also take the courage to undertake deep inner reflection in life changes.

Note: A percentage of every sale goes to Chris for the use of his art.