Pricing is available


Pricing for our workshops are available on application.  Please email to obtain a quote.  The following information will help in preparing that quote:

Workshop name Training Workshops

Expected number of participants (max 25)

Location of workshop (e.g. Dubbo NSW)

Approximate date (e.g Dec 2020)

Date quote needed by (if applicable).

Pricing normally Includes:

  • Consultation with your designated contact person to ensure the focus of the workshop meets your organisational needs
  • Preparation and delivery by two We Al-li qualified facilitators. The nature of We Al-li workshops is that the content can trigger the trauma reaction in participants if they are carrying their own trauma stories.  It is for this reason that we use a two facilitator model which ensures the safety of participants as well as our facilitators. Each workshop will feature one of our Lead facilitators accompanied by a We Al-li co-facilitator.
  • Maximum of 25 participants
  • Workshop materials
  • Participants’ workbook in PDF format for printing
  • Certificate of Attainment for all participants
  • A summary of all participants’ workshop evaluations returned to the organisation
  • All travel for facilitators
  • Mark-up for We Al-li
  • Self-care for facilitators

Not Usually Included:

  • Printing of participants’ workbooks.
  • Venue hire.
  • Catering:  We Al-li encourages organisations to provide a healthy range of foods for morning and afternoon teas, as well as lunch. The reasoning behind this is twofold:
    • Keeping participants together during these times encourages discussion and bonding of the workshop content, to facilitate deeper learning on the day, and
    • Healthy food choices promote better learning, particularly in the afternoon sessions when fatigue can be enhanced by poor food choices.