Online Training Offers

We have launched the first online professional and personal development courses, Dadirri: Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness For Self Care and Self Inquiry.  In September, we plan to launch Recreating the Circle of Wellbeing.  There is a discount offered for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, students, and a further discount for Aboriginal non-Government organisations. Email us to obtain the discount. You can access these courses here, where you can also view your options for payment plans.

We have also released a series of 6 webinars featuring Judy Atkinson.  You can access information from here, including links to purchase tickets. Session 1 has been completed, but you will be able to purchase a recording of that session for $90.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence Course is an at times challenging and rewarding introduction to the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Culture. It is aimed at individuals and organisations seeking more knowledge than is provided in our education systems. The Module A offering offers a discount for bulk license purchase.

The Trauma-Informed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Capability course is a follow on the Cultural Competence course, offering a more advanced course in cultural competency and safety, and an introduction to Trauma Informed Care that is Culturally Informed.

Online Courses