Judy Kaye Knox

Cultural Advisore and Facilitator

Judy is a Kamilaroi (Gomaroi) woman from the southwest QLD and northern NSW border area, with family connections to the Kooma, Manandanji, Bigambul and Gungarri peoples of southern QLD.  Adopted by the Walpiri/Warramungu people of the central desert.

Her background has been in the education field and community development and she has taught at primary schools, TAFE, through to lecturing at University. Her work is informed by 15+ years in the field of trauma and trauma recovery, holding a Masters degree in Trans-generational Trauma and a Certificate in Indigenous Therapies. Judy also holds an Associate Diploma in Aboriginal Community Development. Her social work experience includes working with families, communities (in remote, rural and urban settings) and individuals which incorporates case management, counseling, therapeutic groups, parenting groups, youth and support groups. Judy headed a ‘Crisis Response Team’ in delivering and responding to community distress in many parts of Australia. She has also delivered trauma and recovery training/workshops in Timor Leste and PNG.

She has training qualifications i.e. TAFE Training and Assessment and experience as a lecturer at Southern Cross University (9 years)

Judy currently lives in Lismore NSW.

Judy believes in facilitating an atmosphere that invites creative activities and conversations for change.