We Al-Li Philosophy

Our Holistic Approach

Under western definitions our approach is cross-disciplinary, under Indigenous definitions our approach is holistic. We Al-li has blended both Indigenous and non-Indigenous forms of group counselling, emotional release work, process group work and reflective learning practices within a training syllabus for multi-skilling community workers in the trauma recovery field.

Through fire back into water

We promote a curiosity about the breadth, depth and diversity of ways in which human beings can access resources for healthy relationships, vitality and meaning. We believe the search for wellbeing need not be a struggle against adversity, but rather a life long process of seeking and sustaining wholeness.

Highly Skilled Facilitators

Our facilitators have years of experience in the field and hold post graduate university degree's. They are community minded people that have done the work on themselves and continue to personally and professionally develop at every opportunity.